cecile et julien


Main Sauvage is a French brand of soft toys and accessories that offers children and their parents expressive, fun, but also aesthetic and sensitive objects. Our products are made ecologically and sustainably from renewable natural materials. Their meticulous manufacture, in a fair workshop, helps to preserve traditional skills and techniques that respect people and nature.


When I met Julien, I was already making little soft toys, which I was selling online and in a few shops in my hometown. Imagining these little characters has always been a passion but I would never have dared to give another dimension to this project. Julien, very curious and interested, first encouraged me, then invested himself with me to make this small business grow.
Together, we had fun imagining what it might look like on a larger scale, with a better defined identity and values. Both architects by training, passionate about design and sensitive to environmental issues, we wanted to build a project that looks like us, in accordance with our convictions.
The earth had time to make a complete tour and what we considered as a break between our studies and the world of work became a real life project. Main Sauvage was born in 2015 and now has over 150 retailers worldwide.


Photo : Cécile et Julien  © Aude Lemaître 2018