Main Sauvage is a French lifestyle brand for babies and children founded in 2015. We design expressive, fun, but also aesthetic and sensitive items for your little ones. We work every day to offer you products made from renewable natural materials and manufactured under the best conditions.

Main Sauvage now offers a hundred items for your little ones, has more than 200 retailers around the world and ships your lovely orders every day to bring little bit of magic to new families.


Behind Main Sauvage, there are the two of us, Cécile and Julien. When we both met, Cécile was already making little toys that she sold to her friends and in a few shops from hometown to make ends meet. Discovering Cécile's creations, Julien couldn't help but imagine what her project could look like on a larger scale, with a better-defined identity and values.

Driven by this project, we embarked together on this crazy and exciting adventure just after our architecture studies. After days and nights spent reworking Cécile's creations, inventing new ones and exploring possibilities, Main Sauvage was born. Very quickly, we saw your enthusiasm, your encouragements, and your ever-growing orders. And this is thanks to you that we had imagined as a break after our studies became a real-life project.

Today, this is with even more passion and with the precious help of our incredible logistics team, our talented illustrators, Carole our webmaster and Wendy our Belgian agent, that we continue to grow our universe and to offer you always more sweetness for your little ones.

Our commitment

to the French Secours Populaire

Some of our items may have small aesthetic defects that prevent them from being sold. They are neither horrible nor dangerous, just a little different, and like the others, they demand the love of a child. We put them aside for the benefit of Secours Populaire Français, which provides material and moral support to families suffering from poverty, social exclusion, armed conflicts and natural disasters, in France and abroad. Secours Populaire Français has a global approach to poverty issues. We are proud to be able to contribute, at our level, to the problem of children's play and development, unfair victims of these scourges.

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